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Insights from your geospatial data 

Gazelle allows you to build and deploy custom remote-sensing algorithms in seconds so you can focus more on what matters


Mac Studio.png

v2.0 release

No-code GUIs for Algorithms

  • Runs on multi to hyperspectral imagery

  • Library of open source & proprietary algos

  • No-code interface to customize parameters

Powerful Sandbox Environment

  • Intuitive IDE style sandbox structure

  • Drag and drop modules for workflows

  • User access controls for secure sharing

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v2.0 release


Gazelle is on a mission to reinvent how companies interact with geospatial data


Every Carbon, Agriculture, and Energy business interfaces with nature. This is to measure the impact of a future or present activity (i.e., placing a wind farm, avoiding deforestation, or surveying a mine). A simple way to classify the way in which these interactions are captured is into spatial and environmental. Spatial data - or imagery - comes in vector, raster, and 3D modeled formats. Environmental data - measurements of ecological pressures - include climate/weather, land-cover, and field/IoT. For businesses, working with this data to reach the actual insights they need to make decisions and report is incredibly painful because of the complex, siloed nature of the tools used. This is the problem Gazelle solves.

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